There Can Only Be One… Apparently Not

So the time has come again, A film I love is receiving a reboot! This time it’s Highlander. Highlander is fairly special, it came out in 1986 with a French bloke playing a Scot and a Scot playing a Spanish Egyptian bloke, besides casting Highlander is one of cinema’s most brilliant endeavors.

It revolves around a race of people called “immortals” they are as the name suggests immortal and the only way to kill them is to lop off the head, each time an immortal kills another immortal they get stronger until only one remains. Pretty simple plot right? Wrong none of the first movie counts because the sequels happened. But disregarding them we have a great simple film with a score by Queen.

Anyway the whole point I’m making a post is because they want to make a “reboot” which has been penned by the bloke who recently wrote the Rampage movie but that’s not the dumb part, the thing that should really annoy you is the “We’re making John Wick but with swords” and the “We have to make sure the ending can lead to a sequel” parts, It is incredibly worrying, especially seen as about 3 people are going to watch it.

I hope it’s good but I can’t see that happening. All I ask is that Doogle is in it