It’s Been A While Since I Talked About The Smiths

I mean do I really need an excuse? The Smiths have been the biggest influence on my life whether it’s down to the way I want to carry myself or to my general attitude towards life. The Smiths taught me a lesson that no other band, musician, hell even media platform ever has, It taught me how to be proud of who you are, it’s super corny to say out loud but that truly is the point right? They represent the unwanted, the undesirables, me.

Hell look past Mozz and straight to Marr and he looks nothing like you’d expect one of the greatest guitarists in the world to look, he makes a decent attempt to the look the part but he’s just a music nerd with a love for how it used to be, rockabilly, slicked back hair and a leather jacket.

I’ve cried, I’ve giggled and most importantly I got closer to my Dad through it. The Smiths mean so much to me that it’s scary. I’m alone and yet I feel safe and comfortable when I put them on.

To top it all off though The Smiths are by far the greatest band to ever come out of the UK and the world in general and no one can ever tell me differently, The Queen Is Dead is the best LP ever written and still isn’t even their best record.

The Smiths have done something no one else can do for me, I’ve been able to use them for any situation I’ve been in, when I was lonely and wanted to love, when I was loved, when I was hated and when i’m lonely and alone again. I suppose everyone has that cycle, we all die alone right? We never really have someone with us until the end because no matter what we do, no matter who we have next to use on our death bed, they aren’t there in the abyss.

“Is it really so strange” to think that I actually want to be happy?


There Can Only Be One… Apparently Not

So the time has come again, A film I love is receiving a reboot! This time it’s Highlander. Highlander is fairly special, it came out in 1986 with a French bloke playing a Scot and a Scot playing a Spanish Egyptian bloke, besides casting Highlander is one of cinema’s most brilliant endeavors.

It revolves around a race of people called “immortals” they are as the name suggests immortal and the only way to kill them is to lop off the head, each time an immortal kills another immortal they get stronger until only one remains. Pretty simple plot right? Wrong none of the first movie counts because the sequels happened. But disregarding them we have a great simple film with a score by Queen.

Anyway the whole point I’m making a post is because they want to make a “reboot” which has been penned by the bloke who recently wrote the Rampage movie but that’s not the dumb part, the thing that should really annoy you is the “We’re making John Wick but with swords” and the “We have to make sure the ending can lead to a sequel” parts, It is incredibly worrying, especially seen as about 3 people are going to watch it.

I hope it’s good but I can’t see that happening. All I ask is that Doogle is in it

Are One Direction the next Beatles?

(Bit of context this was written before the hiatus for One Direction and before Zayn left but to me the point is still relevant and they will get back together it’s just a matter of when)

(p.s. This was meant for sunday but it’s currently 23 minutes late)

We all know who both of these are The Beatles are one of the greatest creations to ever come out of the UK, next to Yorkshire puddings. However over the past few years a new group have appeared and become one of the biggest boy bands ever, in a short space of time and I have the pleasure of putting them up against each other, simply out of interest. It has become a cool thing to do “hating on” One Direction because they are just a bunch of “pretty boys” who make “easy pop music” but if you asked some of them “do you like The Beatles?” I’m sure some of them would say “Of course I do”. Now I don’t have any clear evidence for this but I know it’s probably true. However when you tell them that actually the early Beatles albums and tracks were simply pop music written and produced to entice girls into buying their records, so you can see where the similarities are starting to appear.


So from that we start to look at singles directly taking “I Want To Hold Your Hand” from The Beatles and “What Makes You Beautiful” from One Direction. “I wanna hold your hand” was a massive success for the  group going number one in the UK knocking their own song off the top “she loves you” It was also one of the big reasons the “British invasion” even existed, bands such as “The Rolling Stones” and “The Kinks” can thank the four liverpudlians for that. Traveling forward in time all the way to 2011 One Direction made their single debut with “What makes you beautiful” going straight to number one in the UK and number four in the US making One Direction another group that can thank The Beatles for US success. Both singles are very similar when you look at them from a critical point of view, both about a girl of no name so that their audience can imagine it’s about them and both feature a group of young men harmonising with great voices. It’s a simple formula that goes back even further than The Beatles but it works and that’s what’s important.


Album wise it’s quite different, we’ve seen the end of The Beatles and we know there won’t be any more studio albums from them but with One Direction we still have years to come so we can’t fully judge them and how their music will evolve. So i’m going to go from pre “Revolver” as that’s when in my opinion The Beatles work started to become in the masterpiece end of the radar and they started to experiment with sounds and changed their style. So looking at albums like “Please Please Me” which is a great album is essentially a collection of well written pop songs, they knew who their audience were and they wrote for them. Looking at One Direction, they have upon writing this, written and produced four albums all essentially again well written pop music designed for a certain audience and have been extremely successful worldwide with each one causing what some would call a new “British invasion” on the rest of the world and let’s be honest they have represented us well on that front.
As I was saying earlier we don’t know how One Direction will handle the next few years, there music is easy access now with the technology that we have so they can still sell a lot of records and singles but in terms of the music they produce from this point onwards, we simply cannot know. They might have a “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” up their sleeves and we could see them going against management and writing something quite risky and trying to break boundaries that they set for themselves just like The Beatles did, but I’m sure we can fully understand if they want to continue writing the music they do make. It really is something to think about.