Albums To Listen To… During The Lockdown

Corona has swept the nation, BJ has it, your nan might have it (hopefully not) but it’s crippled this once great nation and now we must stay indoors! I’ve got a few albums I think you should sit down, grab a glass of red and listen to, so without further ado, here they are;

Oscar – HTTP404

Oscar is one of my favourite solo artists around, I’ve been a huge fan since his debut album dropped in 2016 and I’ve even hugged the lad, that’s not the reason you should listen to his sophomore record but it sure helps! “HTTP404” is a mature record, Oscar Spent most of his hiatus producing other people’s records and singles and that affects this record heavily! It’s chill and it’ll boost your street cred with people who think they know more than you do!

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Infest The Rats Nest

“Infest The Rats Nest” was my first Gizz record and I’m not gonna lie it probably isn’t the best one but if it get’s you into Gizz like it did me then I’ll recommend it till the day I die! Gizz is a lifestyle choice. “ITRN” is heavy, it’s hard, it’s pretty demanding, it’s a full on record with a lot of influences, mainly Metallica but any rock fan will find pleasure in it!

Temples – Sun Structures

Admittedly I always forget about Temples, the band that popped my Psychedelic cherry. It’s not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination but what it does is create a brilliant soundscape, you can fill the room with it’s sound, it’s never heavy and at times is incredibly trippy. I don’t say this lightly but anyone who like me love’s “Tame” i’d highly recommend the Temples Discography.

MGMT – Little Dark Age

For the chart warriors MGMT will only ever be remembered for “Kids”, “Electric Feel” and “Time to Pretend” but it’s been more than 10 years since those chart toppers and the boys are 6500 miles ahead of where they were then believe me! This album is so dark and intriguing it almost reminds you of that cute girl that nobody else thought was cute but you just couldn’t talk to her (maybe that was just me but you all have a similar analogy) “Little Dark Age” was arguably one of the best albums of 2018 and yet non of you shmucks listened to it.

Pond – Tasmania

I can’t remember if i’ve talked about Pond before on here or just mentioned it to mates (Yes Ben I am talking about you). Tasmania is a semi political psych pop record, it’s great. It’s one of the best records released in the last 5 years.

Cheers for reading about a few albums you should definitely listen to whilst you’re doing nothing!

More reviews and pieces to come soon… Maybe


I thought I’d write a tiny piece about a band that were pretty rad… ASHFIELDS have decided to end and for people that read my crap then you’ll know I held them in high regards and wished them all the luck in the world. I wish I could have known them a lot better and to be honest I can never thank them enough for the love they showed my piece on them!! I have fond memories of that “New Skin” launch gig and won’t forget having the tickets hand delivered to me by Carl.

So with all my heart, good luck lads in what ever you do next and when you do something drop me a line and I’ll be at the gig pen in hand!

It’s Been A While Since I Talked About The Smiths

I mean do I really need an excuse? The Smiths have been the biggest influence on my life whether it’s down to the way I want to carry myself or to my general attitude towards life. The Smiths taught me a lesson that no other band, musician, hell even media platform ever has, It taught me how to be proud of who you are, it’s super corny to say out loud but that truly is the point right? They represent the unwanted, the undesirables, me.

Hell look past Mozz and straight to Marr and he looks nothing like you’d expect one of the greatest guitarists in the world to look, he makes a decent attempt to the look the part but he’s just a music nerd with a love for how it used to be, rockabilly, slicked back hair and a leather jacket.

I’ve cried, I’ve giggled and most importantly I got closer to my Dad through it. The Smiths mean so much to me that it’s scary. I’m alone and yet I feel safe and comfortable when I put them on.

To top it all off though The Smiths are by far the greatest band to ever come out of the UK and the world in general and no one can ever tell me differently, The Queen Is Dead is the best LP ever written and still isn’t even their best record.

The Smiths have done something no one else can do for me, I’ve been able to use them for any situation I’ve been in, when I was lonely and wanted to love, when I was loved, when I was hated and when i’m lonely and alone again. I suppose everyone has that cycle, we all die alone right? We never really have someone with us until the end because no matter what we do, no matter who we have next to use on our death bed, they aren’t there in the abyss.

“Is it really so strange” to think that I actually want to be happy?

From Gucci Gang to Podcasts

I feel as though since my last post I was expected to do a comeback and tear through the industry sneering and sniggering at “real journalists” for not understanding the true meaning of music. I am talking as if I have spent days in the desert learning the craft like no one before has. I plan to return to reviewing music. I plan to watch bands and acts this year. I plan to rule the world. I plan to end hate. I plan to bring peace. I plan to be Britain’s saviour, I plan to change how young people feel about life. It’s funny to look and observe young English people. Depression is high in them, sadness runs their life from birth until death at the fine old age of 28 when you realise that we secretly live under a glass ceiling.

Fuck the rich. Fuck the poor. Fuck your common beliefs. I have no excuse for the language but to me it makes me feel different. I think we are due a revolution and I’d happily lead it.

My 2017 was weird, I got into stuff that I never really thought i would like “Gucci Gang” sucked and I think we all knew that but before that dropped I don’t think people were really acknowledging the alternative side to hip hop and rap. I’m not claiming to know a lot but “Lil Pump” was signed to “88 Rising” who had a phenomenal year but they hold some fantastic artists in that genre of music with genuine talent who aren’t unheard of. That was a really long tangent on me trying to say I enjoy the work of some artists on that label from “Rich Brian” to “Joji” and even Korea’s own “Keith Ape” and i’ve even left off some pretty good names with that short list. What am I trying to say? I’m not particularly sure I suppose I’m saying I’ve evolved slightly, my love for alternative has shifted and now includes more genre’s. I don’t think anything will surpass “The Smiths” but I let them rest a lot this year. “Post Malone” took a big place in my heart this year but so did “Blaenavon” In fact they probably beat “Mac Demarco” in best live show, they didn’t do anything super special like Mac but they to me are the perfect young English band, they feel familiar, they feel like I do.

I always say I have good things in life and I still do but most other things still suck.

I will return to Half a Music Blog one day, I have to do it, if not I wont have any readers and I need readers to read this. Plus who cares anyway? ME