From Gucci Gang to Podcasts

I feel as though since my last post I was expected to do a comeback and tear through the industry sneering and sniggering at “real journalists” for not understanding the true meaning of music. I am talking as if I have spent days in the desert learning the craft like no one before has. I plan to return to reviewing music. I plan to watch bands and acts this year. I plan to rule the world. I plan to end hate. I plan to bring peace. I plan to be Britain’s saviour, I plan to change how young people feel about life. It’s funny to look and observe young English people. Depression is high in them, sadness runs their life from birth until death at the fine old age of 28 when you realise that we secretly live under a glass ceiling.

Fuck the rich. Fuck the poor. Fuck your common beliefs. I have no excuse for the language but to me it makes me feel different. I think we are due a revolution and I’d happily lead it.

My 2017 was weird, I got into stuff that I never really thought i would like “Gucci Gang” sucked and I think we all knew that but before that dropped I don’t think people were really acknowledging the alternative side to hip hop and rap. I’m not claiming to know a lot but “Lil Pump” was signed to “88 Rising” who had a phenomenal year but they hold some fantastic artists in that genre of music with genuine talent who aren’t unheard of. That was a really long tangent on me trying to say I enjoy the work of some artists on that label from “Rich Brian” to “Joji” and even Korea’s own “Keith Ape” and i’ve even left off some pretty good names with that short list. What am I trying to say? I’m not particularly sure I suppose I’m saying I’ve evolved slightly, my love for alternative has shifted and now includes more genre’s. I don’t think anything will surpass “The Smiths” but I let them rest a lot this year. “Post Malone” took a big place in my heart this year but so did “Blaenavon” In fact they probably beat “Mac Demarco” in best live show, they didn’t do anything super special like Mac but they to me are the perfect young English band, they feel familiar, they feel like I do.

I always say I have good things in life and I still do but most other things still suck.

I will return to Half a Music Blog one day, I have to do it, if not I wont have any readers and I need readers to read this. Plus who cares anyway? ME