Post Malone – Beerbongs and Bentleys Review

Is the meme boi at it again with his sophomore or is it a misfire?

Erm neither. B&B is pretty good, as in it’s a solid album. Is it close to “Stoney”? Not really, B&B is bloated and long, several misfires on the album make you question reality.

I think the major problem with B&B is that it feels like a first album, “Stoney” was pretty perfect, a good mix and everything Austin Post, country blended with Trap, Rock blended with Hip Hop. I’m not saying that sticking more with an Hip Hop record is bad but when you’re used to an artist with a great range you end up slightly disappointed. I wish I could just presume and say I was too hyped for this release but I’ll be honest after it missed its December 2017 release date I completely forgot about it.

It’s starts strong for me, Paranoid as a track is pretty solid, reminiscent of “Stoney” but new enough to be happy, after that you just seem to get lost in lyrics that don’t really fit, I’ve seen some publications blast his lyricism this time round with misogynistic views which is pretty heavy for someone like Posty, I’m not 100% sure he would dare tout those feelings with his close links to internet culture.

B&B has some standout tracks that’s for sure, I’ve already mentioned “Paranoid” but other standout songs like “Over Now”, “Rockstar” and “Psycho” really define this album, it’s like a persona change for Posty, (shallow) deeper lyrics make a change, a lot of the songs feature a theme of cheating and letting his money and fame get to him which is something he has said wouldn’t happen throughout “Stoney” making you perceive him as fairly humble for a 23 year old millionaire. I think it comes across more of a character for me, close to the release of B&B the quote “shitty album” was thrown around by Posty in relation to “Stoney” almost as if he was a different person entirely but again could easily just be a joke on his part.

Ultimately I don’t like B&B much I find it hard to listen to compared to the last album. Where “Stoney” flows, B&B chugs, the 18 track length really hinders the experience for me, which I think ties to a good amount of Hip Hop artists and groups at the minute, “streaming friendly” is something that will continue to grow over this year and I’m not sure i’m going to enjoy that.

I’ll still listen to it, I’ll still support Post Malone. But I won’t be recommending Beerbongs & Bentleys.


Bailey Armstrong