My Hiatus and Other Boring Nonsense

It’s been a while… A long while to be precise and to be honest a reason for my absence has totally vacated my mind. Music has still been quite a large part of my life since but I haven’t felt the need to write about it. Since we last conversed I visited a very soggy but wonderful Y Not, I oggled at the fireworks above Stereophonics and swayed rhythmically to Blaenavon (Who I am most excited to see in November). I spent a lot of time in the rave tent feeling very out of place, for a larger man I am still quite distant and unseen, as if people are unaware of my pure existence, never the less I rather enjoyed myself. Letting go of that shallow feeling and judgment. Letting go is the purest you can humanly feel. Drugs were abundant, I stayed as straight as ever with the stuff not touching a thing for a worry of death for I know not of drugs or their affects. It was another great experience, different from last year but still great.

Life is very slow currently for me, not bad, but not good. Certain aspects are great whilst others lag behind as if it were a yobo playing with a trolley behind the back of a run down Tesco, that kind of analogy perfectly sums it up. I feel particularly interested in the way people tick recently and with the current outrage at a very charming man I became very political for subsequent minute. My beloved Morrissey made a joke to which the British media and public made a joke out of themselves, their brash and bullish ways continue to astound me. Is this really the Britain I grew up admiring? Or is it it’s lost forgotten brother, wasting away, suffocating on it’s last breath? I feel shame and I see no light at the end of a privately owned tunnel. Can we blame the young? Can we blame the old? Can we blame anyone? They all scream, looking for a scapegoat. Bring me the head of “Jezza” Corbyn and Theresa May on a silver platter only then will the world settle, only then the British public will resolve it’s issues. Well we can hope can’t we?



Why oh why am i starting this you ask? Because I like music and I wish to talk about it and I bloody well will if I want. I didn’t really fall in love with music very early, i was seventeen when I started my looking and searching for things I could feel in music and really fall in love with, I think a lot of it started with the “Beatles” and “David Bowie’s, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars” or maybe “Tame Impala” which ever it was I have a lot to thank them for. Little did I know that just around the corner I would discover the first love of my life soon after, I “met” “the Smiths” through “Louder Than Bombs” during 2014 thanks to my father and was forever enthralled prancing through my home town gayly was mind opening, never have I felt something for men than with that band, I can thank them for not just saving my life but starting it, i felt at home finally with the smiths they helped me through very hard parts of my life. Anyway I’m gonna talk about music and stuff over time on here so have fun. Bookmark me or something check back every sunday for new stuff and every so often random posts.